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Wisdom teeth were essential in a time when our ancient ancestors consumed a diet heavy in tough foods such as roots and needed the one to four wisdom teeth that erupt through the gums in the late teen or young adult years. Because wisdom teeth are no longer needed in your natural oral function, they may need to be removed before they cause problems.

Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the teeth come in sideways or can’t erupt through the gums, usually because there isn’t enough space. This puts undue pressure on the surrounding healthy molars and the best way to alleviate discomfort and protect the molars is to remove the wisdom teeth.

Even when wisdom teeth erupt through the gums properly, they are still vulnerable to the buildup of plaque and tartar, and their location makes them harder to clean. These factors increase their risk of tooth decay and even gum disease.

Even if you don’t experience issues with your wisdom teeth, Dr. Andrew Smith may still recommend that you have them removed. Wisdom teeth have the potential to become partially fused with the underlying bone, and if they need to be extracted in the future, this can lead to a longer recovery time.

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