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At Wasatch Gentle Dental, we are committed to providing you with gentle dentistry throughout your entire experience at our practice. Part of this commitment to your comfort and health includes providing detailed instructions both before and after your dental procedures. Please feel free to contact us at 801-262-6661 for more information about our pre- and post-treatment instructions. Our dentist and team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with any further instructions you may need.

While most dental surgeries are out-patient procedures (meaning that you can go home as soon as your treatment is done rather than waiting overnight in a hospital room), they remain involved procedures, and require specific preparation and aftercare. We strongly recommend that you follow all instructions provided as closely as possible, as this will help facilitate a smooth operation, increase the likelihood of a successful treatment, and help ensure that you heal properly and without any complications.

We are dedicated to providing all our patients with safe, comfortable dental care. Dr. Andrew Smith and our team have provided specific instructions for our oral surgeries and other procedures. We encourage you to review these instructions, and contact our office in Murray, Utah, with any questions.

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