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If you experience dental anxiety or fear, don’t worry.  This is common problem for many people.  When you visit Wasatch Gentle Dental, your comfort and relaxation are our top priorities, and we make every effort to relieve your fears and help you receive the care you need.  We encourage you to call us at 801-262-6661 to learn about our strategies for helping you manage dental anxiety and fear and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Smith to discuss how we can help you.

There are a few things that you can do to reduce and overcome your dental fears and discomfort.  They include:

  • Speak with our dentist and team. If we know about your fears and anxieties, we can take extra precautions to ensure your comfort.
  • Bring music with you. Portable music players can block out fear-producing noises and help you stay calm and relaxed.
  • Agree on a signal in advance. When you speak with our dentist, agree on signal to notify us when you feel uncomfortable or afraid.  We will halt your treatment and check on your comfort.
  • Bring a mirror. Sometimes the most nerve-wracking part of your treatment is being unable to see what our dentist is doing.  Mirrors allow you to watch your treatment.
  • Use a throat spray. Two or three sprays will usually keep your gag reflex under control for about an hour.
  • Sedation dentistry. We offer several types of sedation to help you feel comfortable and receive your treatment without any problems.
  • Ask us about alternative treatment options. Advances in dentistry allow us to offer many of the same treatment using alternative methods.  Discuss all your treatment options with our dentist to determine the most beneficial treatment for your needs.

If you have questions about managing dental anxiety and fear, please contact our office today

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