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Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dental care that is specifically intended to treat children and teens. Pediatric dentists undergo additional years of dental school following their general education to study the unique requirements of treating pediatric oral health. To learn more about pediatric dentistry, we invite you to review the following statements:

– Pediatric dentistry focuses on the oral health care of young patients, from infants to teens, and even older patients who have special needs.

– Dentists for children have a lot of training in a wide variety of treatments and can often address all areas of your child’s oral health care, provided a reliable dental home.

– Pediatric dentists undergo intensive training in their specific field for about 2-3 years on top of the time they invested in learning general dentistry.
– Many dental services commonly thought of for adults can also be very effective for children’s oral health. This includes dental X-rays and orthodontic care.
– Pediatric dentists focus on improving oral health problems in children and helping your child develop effective oral health care habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles.
– A children’s dentist can treat child-specific oral health conditions such as teething, baby bottle tooth decay, and harmful thumb sucking

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