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You have fed your baby, it’s not time for their nap, and you don’t know why they’re crying. You look inside their mouth and see just a pop of white coming through the skin in the front and realize their teeth have begun to grow. Our dental professionals here at Wasatch Gentle Dental are ready to serve you and your baby’s dental needs so you can comfort them and give them the right treatment.

After being born, your baby may not have their teeth already sprouting but their oral care is just as important. Clean their mouth out with a clean cloth or gauze when they are first born. Softly rub their gums with very small, cool spoon, a wet gauze pad, or even a clean finger to soothe them. A clean teething ring is another option to help comfort your baby when their teeth first come in. Remember they are still susceptible to sores or infections.

Your baby’s teeth are crucial to having a great smile, their function of chewing, and the way they speak. It’s important to implement at an early age a proper regimen for the correct dental care. This includes brushing twice (soon after eating) and flossing daily once their teeth grow close to one another. This includes your regular biannual dental visits.

First visit your dentist no later than their first birthday or when their first tooth comes in. Your dentist can assess for any dental problems such as cavities or possible infections. Our team can show you how to properly care for your child’s teeth and prevent poor habits such as thumb sucking.

Visit Wasatch Gentle Dental here in Murray, Utah, to get a consultation or an appointment for your child today. Call 801-262-6661 and our dental professionals will be happy to assist you and your child’s dental care needs.