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If you practice any of the following dental habits, we encourage you to quit now, as these can negatively impact your oral health:

– Eating too much sugar. Eating a lot of candy, drinking large amounts of soda and fruit juice, or chewing sugary gum and foods increases your risk of cavities because the sugary coating that develops on your teeth mixes with natural bacteria and produces enamel-dissolving acids. You do not have to give up sugary food completely; rather, eat it at mealtimes in moderation.

– Using tobacco products. Tobacco use comes with many health risks, the most prevalent dental risks being gum disease, oral cancer, and a loss of jawbone.

– Exercising poor dental habits. You can develop tooth wear by chewing on objects such as pens and ice or by developing bruxism, which causes you to grind your teeth unconsciously while you sleep and needs to be treated by a dentist.

– Not maintaining proper or consistent dental hygiene. Dental problems commonly arise as a result of neglecting oral care because bacteria feeds on sugar and food particles, creating acids that create cavities. We encourage you to brush and floss daily as part of your dental care routine.

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