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If you are looking for an alternative to a veneer, you might try a lumineer. Like veneers, lumineers are small covers for your front teeth used to hide discolorations or imperfections from view while imitating the natural look of your real teeth. So what are the differences?

Both veneers and lumineers are thin, but lumineers are even thinner. Being thinner does not make them weaker though. They can still allow you to eat as you normally would for the most part.

Their slimmer design also makes them easy for the dentist to put them on. Veneers require that some enamel is removed from your teeth, which weakens them. As such, those teeth always need a set of veneers to guard them. Lumineers only require some etching, and not as much enamel is taken off, that is if it needs to be removed at all.

Actually, lumineers are removable because the enamel is not compromised. If lumineers are simply not working out for you, the dentist can take them off, and you can display your original teeth again.

Some of you may worry if getting a lumineer would cause pain or discomfort. No, you should not feel discomfort, even if you decide to get veneers instead.

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