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If you have been living with missing teeth for a while or if you are getting a full set of teeth replaced, you will find that dentures may require a period of adjustment. Your dentures may feel bulky at first, and you might need some practice putting them in and taking them out. Your mouth may manufacture excess saliva for a while, which is normal. If you feel persistent pain or pressure from your dentures, you should make an appointment to have them adjusted by your dentist. In many cases, you may have to return to your dentist’s office to have your dentures lined after wearing them for a few weeks, and this will also make them feel more comfortable.

Your dentures may slip or “float” at times as the muscles in your mouth and tongue get used to them. Biting and chewing food may cause them to slip, or may be difficult at first with dentures in. It may help to cut your food into smaller pieces, and for tougher foods, you may want to cut it into long strips and chew on both sides of your mouth. Pronouncing certain words may be a challenge at first, and you may need to practice saying them, or speaking them slowly for a while.

There is no need for you to live without a full set of teeth. If you are ready to fill in the spaces in your smile, our dentists, Dr. Andrew Smith and Dr. Bradley Smith would love to meet you and discuss your replacement options. If you live in the Murray, Utah area, and would like to schedule an appointment at Wasatch Gentle Dental, call 801-262-6661 today. We look forward to helping you have the smile you’ll be proud to show off!