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Are you familiar with bone grafting? Bone grafting is a highly effective oral health care procedure that removes a section of bone from one area of your body and places it onto your jawbone through a grafting procedure. It may also be possible to use a special bone grafting material as a substitute for a natural bone section in your body.

Bone grafting procedures are most often used for individuals who are in need of a dental implant. Dental implant replacements are highly effective at restoring your smile through the use of artificial materials that act and function as normal teeth. According to the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons, also known as AAOMS, it is essential that your jaw be strong enough to hold an implant in place.

If a bone grafting procedure is required, it is no simple task. The procedure often takes several months for the graph to strengthen with the bone, except for situations when only a very small graft is required. Only after the bond between the graft and your jawbone is fully established can a dental implant be installed.

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