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When teeth are not in their right alignment, it is known as a malocclusion. Malocclusions are versions of bad bites that can occur at any time and at any age, and often require orthodontic treatments to set them back into place.

If your oral health care requires malocclusion therapy, remember the following types:

Incisor Malocclusions:
– Misplaced midlines originate when your upper incisors fail to align with your lower incisors.
– Overbites, also called buck teeth, originate when your upper incisors stick out past your lower incisors.
– Open bites originate when your upper and lower incisors failed to connect when biting down.
– Underbites, also called bulldog teeth, originate when your lower incisors stick out past your upper incisors.

Miscellaneous Malocclusions:
– Rotation malocclusions originate when teeth are not in their proper location and position.
– Spacing malocclusions originate with overcrowded teeth, too many teeth, and irregular gaps between teeth.
– Crossbites originate when your lower jawbone sticks out past your upper jawbone.
– Transposition malocclusions originate with teeth erupt above the gum line in the wrong space.

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